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Copyright, Creativity, and Change

Teresa Nobre, Legal Project Lead da CC Portugal, irá participar no painel dedicado a Copyright, Creativity and Change do futureplaces Digital Media Festival, um projecto do Digital Media Program da UT Austin|Portugal Program.

What is futureplaces Digital Medias Festival? Four days of exhibitions and events addressing the potential and the impact of digital media on local cultures, including this panel discussion on Copyright, Creativity and Change. 

In this panel, panelists from Portugal, Brazil and the US will address what current trends in intellectual property mean for working artists, from the shifting strategies of the content industry to emerging models of "free culture" such as Creative Commons and open source.

Teresa Nobre, Creative Commons Portugal
Sérgio Branco, Fundação Getulio Vargas, Brazil
Gregg Perry, St. Edwards University, USA
Moderator: Sharon Strover, UT Austin

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