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UTEN Copyright Workshop for the Creative Industries

Teresa Nobre, Legal Project Lead da CC Portugal, irá participar no UTEN Copyright Workshop for the Creative Industries, que terá lugar no dia 21 de Outubro de 2011, no Creative Industries Centre of the University of Porto's Science and Technology Park, sob organização do PINC, the Creative Industries Center of the University of Porto Science and Technology Park, em conjunto com o futureplaces Digital Media Festival da UT Austin|Portugal CoLab.

Workshop objectives:
To understand the new challenges of managing intellectual property in the creative economy. Traditional business models in design-, arts- and content-based industries face an array of changing conditions: technological changes, of course, but also legal and cultural ones. Consumer expectations about the pricing of digital content; artists' desire to reuse and remix cultural capital; participatory media, whether in the form of "free culture" (Creative Commons, open source) or signed away under a Terms of Service Agreement; the legal strategies of large IP holders; and local differences in an increasingly global market - all are in a state of rapid change. The UTEN Copyright Workshop for the Creative Industries intends to provide some basic tools and points of reference for creative professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers and TTOs facing these challenges.

- Common Ground: Intellectual Property Basics Every Creative Should Know
- Global Differences: IP Trends in Europe/Latin America/North America
- New Models for IP: Creative Commons, Open Source, Free Culture
- Cases from PINC Companies

Portugal: Teresa Nobre, Creative Commons Portugal
Brazil: Sérgio Branco, Fundação Getulio Vargas
USA: Gregg Perry, St. Edwards University

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